Exit Through The Gift Shop


What Discourses are Thierry a part of?

-Frenchman: this Discourse is recognizable because of his accent, his first language is French, and most importantly he is from France

-Salesman:  He owns a clothing store

-Filmmaker: when Thierry finds his passion in Filming, he takes to filming every detail of his life, which eventually leads him to filming street art/artists.

How does one become a member of another Discourse?

The passion or involvement you have in one Discourse can lead you to Discourses that somehow associate to the one you’re passionate about.

How Does Someone’s Primary Discourse affect someone’s Secondary Discourse?

With Thierry’s situation in “Exit Through The Gift Shop,” his fascination and connection with filming is what carried into his discourse as street art filmmaker.  His dedication and passion in recording things diligently carried over into his craft of filming street art, and the artist really respected what he did even…

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