Tattoos in the [Media] Workplace

Speaking from Experience


(Photo courtesy

As the semester starts and we’re still in the midst of warm weather in Philadelphia, summer fashion allows for bare shoulders, legs and just more skin in general. This is the time when students start to notice fellow classmates’ more personal creative side, and as a fellow tattooed student, I love it, too.

It goes without saying that those of us in the School of Media and Communication are an expressive bunch, and tattoos are not uncommon.  However, once we start looking at jobs outside of the Temple community (or even looking at jobs with Temple University!), how we deal with our artistic side and the judgments that we will no doubt receive in some shape or form will need to be considered.

Luckily, most media jobs embrace creativity and personality – it’s the core of our industry. However, some level of professionalism is expected at every…

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