911 Memorial Tattoo

Artist Csaba Kolozsvari out of The Penetration Incorporation finished this tattoo commemoration from 9.11 ! Half partly fresh, half partly healed. This A beautiful piece of art and history.



One thought on “911 Memorial Tattoo

  1. You may want a Twin Towers II art soon, but with a New Jersey background.

    On August 12, 2013, at 8 PM, the Twin Towers II Development LLC had their seed planting ceremony at Lighthouse Christian Church at 166 Jefferson Street in Perth Amboy New Jersey. Highlights of the event will be available shortly on web site at http://www.TwinTowersii.com

    This project of rebuilding two 110′ tall pillars, in a very different way, shall be bringing attention and focus back to the way our great country once believed. It could also help to restore faith back in our leaders when they stand behind it as well.

    Just to let you know too, anyone in the world will have a chance to buy materials for the buildings. A door knob or two, a glass window or windows, a light switch, a steel beam, any and all of the buildings parts, which by the way, will be “bought only” if they are “Made in the USA”, will soon be available to donors to buy for the Twin Towers II buildings on line.

    It will work a lot like a couple getting married or a woman who’s having a baby and puts their wish list together and registers that list at a store; we too will do the same and let the whole world buy every part. Whatsoever is still needed, after concerned people or groups have had a chance to tangibly demonstrate their concern and support by becoming involved, investors will then be allowed help pay for the rest of the project, when we announce our stock option IPO.

    Please help spread the news and help find ways to unite the USA together again, to stand tall, speak loudly and authoritatively for what truths this our great nation was founded upon!

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