Hiphop’s Horrible Tattoo’s

Being A fan of both tattoo’s and hiphop I can’t help but to notice that most if not all hiphop/rap artist have some of the worst tattoo’s ever. Artist such as Little Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Bird Man, Gucci Man, The Game and many others are constantly rapping about all the money, expensive cars, house’s and jewlery that they have but choose to get tattooed by obviously some of the worst artist. I ask myself why??? Is it because they really don’t have as much money as they proclaim?? Or they just don’t mind shitty work?? I know damn right if I made just half of the money they do I would be getting worked on by some of the Industries top artist such as Roman Abrego, Alex De Passe, Whitney Lennox, Mike Cole, Freddy Negrete etc.. But I guess some questions will never be answered. So in the mean time here goes a few of their pics. comment and tell me what you think.








One thought on “Hiphop’s Horrible Tattoo’s

  1. It’s more than true, with the money they’ve made, the art work doesn’t compliment or show this at all. Maybe some artistic knowledge, better recommendations or even research into the industry would benefit them!

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