We all remember 9/11 in our own way. Some of us want to be reminded everyday!

911 Tattoos


Many Americans can recall the exact place and the exact thing that was said when they heard about the attacks on 9/11. Some Americans can closely relate to the unfortunate events that happened that day and choose to honor the lives lost with a permanent piece of ink. We may vow to “Never Forget,” but some people memorialize their own personal 9/11 experience with an everyday reminder tattooed to their body.

Following the events that took place on September 11th, many tattoo shops around the country saw an increase of memorial tattoos for 9/11. The tattoo’s varied of coarse. For example some were portraits of New York police or fire departments with different depictions of honoring them or some choose to get the twin towers, honoring where they once stood. Some of my favorite tattoos of  September 11th honor the people whose lives were lost that day; whether they…

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