Willie Rage tells a story to only change the world of hip hop, with his lyrics to eliminate the stereotype that gangster rap only comes from the west coast. His music is a story to consume your mind with conscious rhymes, but still staying true to hip hop’s roots, like influences such as Big Daddy Kane, Run DMC, NWA, and LL Cool J. His recent single CA from his newly released album End Of Dayz, is an introduction of Willie Rage, who tells his perspective about living the California life.Willie Rage was born in Inglewood, CA and grew up in Los Angeles and in the Inland Empire. During his high school days, he was recognized as the battle king with the freshest rhymes to put his peers to shame. From that moment, hip hop would forever live in his heart.With his unique style it became his passion to be the rapper to change the face of hip hop not only on the west coast, but the world of hip hop. In 2001 he linked up with a west coast group Above the Law, collaborated with aspiring MCs, and performed locally in California. After a few years, Willie Rage decided to venture out on his own. He put the pen to paper and the studio became his air to create hip hop greatness.End of Dayz is the album bringing back what hip hop use to be, a story told through music, hip hop heads coming together, and lyrics that are forever remembered. Willie Rage’s contagious energy and with an in your face attitude of raw hip hop he is sure to leave his foot print on the path of the legends before him. As Willie Rage says in one of his songs, “Everybody has a story to tell.” His hunger for music, Willie Rage craves the fire that a west coast MC is coming and he’s carrying a different kind of mic to Hip Hop.







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