HATERS: Are Gona Hate

We all have had haters at some point of time, and I must say, they never cease to disappear.When we were little kids, hate prevailed when you took the rainbow color crayon from the box before the others. When grown up into a teen, hate takes over due to jealousy, and then it never seems to stop. But sometimes it does get too be much. In high school when those “Haters” used to pass a comment on you, you know they weren’t worth your time. You might feel anger and frustration, but believe me; at the end you come out stronger, bolder and much more mature. I’ve been there and done that!My middle school wasn’t that good. I had haters and people making nasty comments about me, but after that year, my life changed drastically. The next year I was able to answer them back and revolt against them, finally making people understand that wasn’t the cool crowd and those were really selfish wannabe popular people.I guess there have to be villains in a fairy tale, because if there weren’t, we won’t be able to enjoy their jealous faces when you rise above them. It always feels good to rise above a challenge. Life would be boring without all those melodramas going on.So, friends, gear up and show your haters what you are worth. Climb the ladder of success and when you reach the top, smile back at them. They’re gonna be on fire!Haters, keep on talking about me. It definitely proves that my life is way more interesting than yours! 


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