Elev8d Intelekts Radio: Tune In


Elev8d Intelekts Radio is a Hip Hop Radio Show.
Formerly known as “Twelve 32 Radio Show” Elev8d Intelekts was created out of frustration with mainstream “FM” hip hop radio stations. Elev8d Intelekts Radio is dedicated to support all aspects of the culture. Keeping listeners aware of local talent, established hip hop veterans and just good hip hop music. Some call it “Underground” some call it “Independent” or “Real” We just call it Hip Hop and support and promote exactly that. Elev8d Intelekts Radio is hosted by CesOne and Block City holds down technics. Tune in Sunday’s from 3pm-5pm on optionxradio.com or see the show in person at GCS (Globe Clothing Store) 168 W. 3rd St. in Downtown Pomona next to the legendary FOX theatre. Elev8d Intelekts Radio is partnered with a non profit charity called Option X. The primary purpose of Option X is to advance the development of the arts amongst kids. Promote youth sports. Encourage local youths striving for success in both athletics and artistic fields such as: music, dance, film making, painting, writing, sculpting, and all other forms of art. They also provide a platform for them to showcase their special skills. Even more importantly, they help kids understand the hard work, perseverance, and dedication it takes to become successful Athletes and Artists. They also provide kids with more positive role models, a more positive life structure, as well as a deterrent from drugs and gangs. All thru Hip Hop. We support the culture.

Elev8d Intelekts Radio Staff:
Host: CesOne
DJ: Block City 
Engineer/Dj: B Bop
Graphic Artist: Mike Gallegos
Intern: MikeR
Submit your music to elev8dintelekts@gmail.com*Past Guests include Past guests include: Ras Kass, Mykill Miers, Sly Boogy, Mr. Brady, Dirty Birdy, Noa James, Destruct, Pawz 1, Gel Roc, InDjnous, Dj Ethos, Weapon of the Masses, Dj Handprints, Blak King,Phantom Thrett, Pistol Mcfly, Olde Soul, Seis One aka Ramone Jones, M-16, Da Flatlinerz, Awukii, Substance Abuse, Spliff Hemingway, Gilead 7, Meancin Johnson, Willie Rage, Single Shadow Team, Dj Malue, Gajah, Myk Mansun, 60 East, Big Rob The Champ, Why The Emcee, Arty Swell (Crop Circles 720), Packy Chan, Justin Miller.


SUNDAY!!!!! Tune in to an all new Elev8d Intelekts Radio with Special Guests: Trek Life and Lord Radio. Listen LIVE onwww.elev8dintelekts.com or see it in person at GCS Pomona in downtown Pomona



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