Western Division Tattoo: Little article about A Tattoo I did on my boy Daniel


We unexpectedly ran into Danny this weekend at the NHRA Winternationals. We were doing our thing when he walked up and noticed a W sticker on the KROQ van. He spoke right up. “Hey, you guys have any of these stickers? I’ll trade you one for a tattoo.

“OK, we’ll take the bait. Whatcha got?

He pulled up his pant leg and lo and behold a killer Western Div logo, one of the cleanest we’ve seen. Danny says his plans are to fill in the open space with some SoCal landmarks. We can’t wait to see the finished product.

Danny was the Bob Marley day festival back in ‘09 and came across the KROQ booth. He swooped one of their last W stickers and instantly fell in love with the logo. Little did he know that his friend Steven Sandoval, a tattoo artist, also had a sticker. When they met up one afternoon they realized they were both rockin’ the sticker; Danny on his car and Steven in his tattoo shop. According to Danny, he told Steven to prep the ink.

“Either put the sticker down or tattoo it on me, one or the other.” 

When asked what the tattoo meant to him, Danny said, “I’m in love with the The California lifestyle. I don’t think I could ever live anywhere else.” It unifies the whole SoCal area. I’ve got family in the North and South and this brings them all together.



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